• 1. To highlight achievements of women scientists

    The first objective is to draw attention to the accomplishments of women particularly belonging to the scientific community and recognize their contributions and commitment to excellence.

  • 2. To pay tribute

    The Chair aims to pay tribute to the women who have positively shaped our society and the environment through their pioneering work in Science and Technology.

  • 3. To be inspiration

    Despite the gender barriers, limited opportunities and social hurdles, women have continued to contribute to the world of science. Highlighting such stories of struggle, this forum could be a ray of hope and inspiration to the young female students and scientists.

  • 4. Networking/information sharing

    The Chair aims to develop women's knowledge and expertise in science and technology, and contribute to the revitalization of academic activities among women scientists and rapid transfer of knowledge through promoting cooperation and networking between universities and academic institutions.

  • 5. Women Empowerment

    The Chair also seeks to strengthen capacities in the field of women empowerment in order to promote the principle of equality in work through the implementation of research and training programmes, and hold conferences on women's issues in the region.